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Common Sensuality. Lecture/discussion offered by The Welcomed Consensus
Create more fun and pleasure in your life. In this 2-day course we will explore the elements of building gratifying relationships, the nature of orgasm and methods to intensify and lengthen sensual experience. Common cultural viewpoints are described and additional viewpoints offered, providing you with new choices for fun and enjoyment.

Topics also covered include:

Deliberate Orgasm (DOing) and female orgasm
DOing a woman/DOing a man
Communication practices to get what you want and have both people win
Overcoming resistance to pleasure

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Recent article about female orgasm videos from the Welcomed Consensus

Going for the 'DO'
Instructional videos teach techniques behind deliberate orgasms
by Marshal Staggs
Sex Columnist, Georges Washington University Hatchet.
Issue: 4/13/09 | Life

The female orgasm is a topic that I think should never be closed for discussion. So when I received a set of DVDs to review from a sex research company that had read my column about the female orgasm, I was excited to see another take on the subject

The Welcomed Consensus has been around for about 15 years and puts out several videos about female masturbation and the female orgasm. They sent me instructional videos about the three-minute orgasm, which can be achieved simply by taking three minutes to relax and allowing yourself to experience pleasure. The concept they introduce, the deliberate orgasm, is not so much a specific technique as it is a philosophy, consisting of focusing on pleasurable and sensual activities.

After a quick and essential anatomy lesson, the first video ("A 3 Minute Orgasm: Introducing the Deliberate Orgasm") gives a demonstration of how the deliberate orgasm (or DO) can be achieved through direct stimulation. In a lot of sexual encounters, people are so eager to rush to the sex that they sometimes forget that orgasm can be reached quickly if you concentrate on it, and this video shows how that's possible.

The first video also gives an interesting redefinition of the word orgasm, which focuses not on the climax, but the idea of stimulation to achieve any kind of sexual pleasure. Adjusting the definition is a helpful idea, if only to take the stress off climax and allow women to enjoy non-orgasmic sexual pleasure.

The second video, "Orgasm at the First Touch," delves deeper into the concepts introduced in the first video. It also features a discussion of the history of research about the female orgasm, which contained a lot of great information. There is another demonstration of a different technique and testimonials from couples about how they've used it to increase their sexual pleasure.

I have only one complaint and it pertains to the demonstrations. Although the narrator of the video refers them to as clinical demonstrations, they seemed to lack too much emotion. I would have gotten a better idea about what techniques the woman in the video was receiving pleasure from if she had been more vocal. However, the demonstrations get their point across very well, so they achieve the objective they set out for.

Overall, these videos were very informative. The Welcomed Consensus also sells several different videos about female masturbation, which (judging by the quality of the videos I saw) would probably be helpful for women who were nervous about the subject or wanted to learn how to do it better.

But back to the female orgasm, The Welcomed Consensus approaches the subject through an engaging lens and their videos would be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about it.

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