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This 90-minute webinar will help you understand the Americans with Disability Amendments Act (ADAA) requirements, concepts, and broad applicability of the Act. It will answer critical questions address common problems that employers face in implementing the ADAA.

Why Should You Attend:

Many employers think of ADAAA as an obstacle to their business. This webinar will show you how ADAA addresses some of employer concerns that the original ADA did not address, and how implementing the ADA in a way that reflects concerns of the disabled employee and the needs of employers is now easier and more realistic for the workplace.

This presentation will also review an option that clients have found effective when an employee requests accommodation that is beyond the capabilities of the business to offer.

This webinar will answer some of the critical questions that employers face today, and others: How can you tell if you need to offer an employee Reasonable Accommodation? What is Reasonable Accommodation? What are” Essential Duties” of a position? (Do you know it is a legal requirement of ADAAA to identify them?) Where are “Essential Duties” best recorded? What is a “Qualified Applicant with a Disability”? Why is that important? What are the penalties that a business might suffer if they are found to not have properly implemented requirements of ADAA? Who assesses the penalties? What are the chances these requirements will go away?

Learning Objective:

Identify ADAAA requirements, concepts, and broad applicability of the Act.

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