6215 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028

listed as common "& friends." no idea who the "friends" are but i've seen this play out as a horrible ruse in the past. "& friends" a bunch of no name backing musicians and "entertainers" who spend 90 minutes on stage straight lamping only to have the headliner stroll out, wasted and incoherent, to dazzle the crowd with 11 minutes of fury. and by fury, i mean hapless fumbling and a total letdown.

let us hope that mr. common has more dignity than that.


i just noticed two additional factors which may portend an awful time

"a live nation concert' = bend over, here come the party

and the "lineup":
* Common
* The Roots
* De La Soul
* Ludacris
* Nas
really? i don't think one stage is large enough to accommodate this passel of egos from the 90s(with apologies to the roots who already live in the horrible shame cave that is the jimmy fallon show)

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