155 E. 3rd St
New York University, New York

COMING UP SHORT: Women & Culture

HUMAN SHIELD (Debra Hussong)
In February 2003, about 300 Human Shields from 30 countries including the US, mobilized in Iraq for what would become a futile mission to prevent an invasion. 63-year old Faith Fippinger was a human shield in Iraq from February 20 - April 26, 2003. She speaks candidly about her experience as a human shield in Iraq during those two months. Sara Joffe shares 23-year old Benjamin Joffe-Walt's experience from a mother's point-of-view.

VOICES OF WOMEN (Cristina Massafra)
"Voices of Women" explores testimonies of activists and of women who have been subjected to Female Genital Mutilation from different parts of the world. With love and passion for their communities they guide us to new movements, which are fighting to abandon this practice. Their voices and strong emotions give us a glimpse of their universe with all its

Inequality in Latin America is still legitimized and enforced by law, religion and tradition. This experimental documentary explores public and private spheres in Latin America through interviews with men and women from Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Filmed in Colombia and the US, the video looks at Latino popular culture and functions as a mirror of Latin America's sexually segregated society.

BAKING BREAD (Rose Spinelli)
When families emigrate, culinary traditions get lost. Chicago writer Rose Spinelli's documentary, prompted by her inability to make the traditional bread of her family, sends her on a trip to Sicily, the land of her ancestors, and allows her to make peace with the past.

The event will be June 19th 7pm-9pm at the Pioneer Theater (155 E. 3rd St at Avenue A). Tickets are $9 and every attendee will receive a gift bag full of prizes and promotional materials from our sponsors worth over $50. To buy tickets, go to www.AltarMagazine.com. Space is limited. For more information call 917-337-0443.

Thanks and we hope you will join us for this exciting event!

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