36/2, 8th Cross, J. P. Nagar, 2nd Phase (Next to Post Office),
BANGALORE, Karnataka

Four Days, Two Plays, One Festival

BIG B (Indlish Comedy)
Nov. 2 & 4 (Thu & Sat), 7.30pm
Nov. 3 & 5 ( Fri& Sun.), 7.30pm

36/2, 8th Cross, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Script & Direction: Dr. M. Sayeed Alam
By Pierrot’s Troupe, Delhi
About Big B - India’s first ever play in broken English, with more than 45 shows to its credit. About two Hindi-speaking brothers. Trying to come to terms with English – with the difference between ‘being well’ and ‘being in well’, the difference between ‘nighty and ‘dark’, the difference between ‘Gilli danda’ and ‘Baseball’.
About Ghalib In New Delhi - Witty, hilarious and satirical, wit(h) more than 170 shows to its credit. Its all about Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib taking rebirth in ‘New Delhi’ in 2006 with his customary beard and moustache. He is instantly recognized, too. Well! As Laden’s uncle, Asli Saddamd Metro train ka Naya driver and what not. Watch out the transformation of Mirza’s “Dehli” into Manmohan’s “Delhi” in this contemporarily historic play.
About Pierrot's Troupe: The least pronounceable and the most pronounced troupe
About the Writer-Director: A veteran (of many plays), aged 35
About the Cast: Highly sarcastic.
Tickets Rs 150/-
Available at Ranga Shankara from Oct. 28 (11am to 6 p.m.) and on the show days. Phones: 26494655, 26494656
For Details, tele Booking, Corporate Booking, Bulk Booking and Online booking contact: 9448088247 (Bangalore) 9810255291 (Delhi, 9810460366 (Delhi), 011 26391075 and/or [email protected]

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Added by Dr M Sayeed Alam on October 16, 2006



It was a highly dissapointment evening for us.

We had booked the tickets and due to the mgmt. mess up with bookings / registration process, all our tickets were sold out.

We will refrain us from such perfornances and performers who are such a failure outside the theatre.


I really don't understant how can some organizer screw it up like this. They had sold the tickets that we had booked and we ended up in RangaShankara with 20 people disappointed.
Way to go, organizers !!