2903 Columbia Pike
Arlington, Virginia 22204

Arlington Drafthouse is proud to present Comedian, Actor, Writer, & Director
BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT January 13th – 15th!

January 13th – 15th, Arlington Drafthouse in Arlington, VA welcomes Comedian, Actor, and Director Bobcat Goldthwait. Born in the outskirts of Hollywood (Syracuse, New York) in 1962, Bobcat Goldthwait wrote and directed his first film “Shakes The Clown” in 1991. A dark cult comedy, “Shakes” was heralded by the Boston Globe as the –“Citizen Cane of Alcoholic clown movies, and lays claim to such fans as Martin Scorsese and Michael Stipe” – in fact; the REM song “Binky the Doormat” was based on a line from “Shakes The Clown”. Goldthwait’s next movie “Windy City Heat” appeared in the Cine Vegas Film Festival in 04 and won best film at the Montreal Comedy Festival that year. Matt Stone (co-creator of South Park) has called “Windy City Heat” –“beyond genius” and Vice Magazine called it, -“quite simply the greatest movie of all time”. “Sleeping Dogs Lie” marked Bobcat’s third feature film as a director. Written by Goldthwait, and financed by friends and pawn shops, the movie was shot entirely during a two week hiatus from his job directing “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. The film was chosen to compete in Sundance’s 2006 Dramatic competition, and was also in the London, Toronto, and San Sebastian Film Festivals that year. “Sleeping Dogs Lie” was hailed as “earnest and improbably moving” by Esquire Magazine, and “demonically funny and surprisingly sweet” by Rolling Stone. Bobcat credits his failure to appear in the film as a good part of its success.

In 2009 Magnolia pictures released Goldthwait’s film “World’s Greatest Dad”. The movie stars long time friend Robin Williams, and was again made independently from the studio system with a cast made up primarily of close friends, (although this time Process and Darko Productions came on board and prevented any pawn shops from having to be involved). The movie was met with rave reviews; “HILARIOUS” – Washington Post, “See it. A gem with a terrific, remarkably funny script.”– At the Movies, “Scandalously entertaining!”– Village Voice, “” – Time Out Chicago, “Wonderful” – MTV. Also at Sundance in 2009 was Bobcat’s short film “Goldthwait Home Movies: Anniversary Edition”. Upon hearing that he would have 2 separate films at the festival this year, Bobcat reportedly cried like a little baby girl. “World’s Greatest Dad” is now out on DVD.

Bobcat’s most recent project is a dream come true. He is directing the new movie-musical he wrote based on The Kink’s 1976 concept album, Schoolboys in Disgrace. Goldthwait’s script tells the story of a schoolboy and his gang who are constantly in trouble with their teachers and fellow pupils. One day, the student is humiliated by his headmaster and vows to fight back against “the Establishment.” The new flick will unfold the genesis story of a supervillian set to some of the greatest rock songs you’ll ever hear. It includes the world’s most charming criminal and a realistic high school musical for all the kids who hate sugary, sweet, unrealistic high-school musical. The songs for the film were written by former Kink’s frontman Ray Davies in which the cast for the movie will re-record the original songs for the film’s soundtrack.

Goldthwait has come a long way from his first appearance on David Letterman at the age of 20. In addition to directing movies Bobcat has lent his behind the camera talents to shows such as; Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Demetri Martin show, The Chappelle Show, The Man Show, and Crank Yankers. Best known for his unforgettable movies that were huge in the 80's, Bobcat has also starred in several HBO specials, and a slew of television appearances to numerous to mention. Bob continues to push the envelope with his unique brand of humor headlining major comedy clubs across the country and all of this has allowed him to live in an impossibly luxurious rental home in the Los Angeles area.

Showtimes: Thursday and Friday 9:30PM /Saturday 7:30PM & 9:30PM
Tickets: $23 Call: 703-486-2345 or Visit: www.arlingtondrafthouse.com
Arlington Drafthouse is located at 2903 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204

Official Website: http://www.arlingtondrafthouse.com

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