540 W 21st
New York City, New York 10011

Mobile technologies like cellphones, PDAs and wi-fi are transforming how we play games. Games are no longer tied to the computer, leaving us free to roam and play with others in public. This has led to an explosion of interest in Big Games, multiplayer games for the real world. This September New York will become the capital of this movement as the Come Out & Play Festival turns the streets into a playground.

Come Out & Play is the first festival dedicated to big games, featuring roughly 25 official game across New York from September 22-24, 2006.

The festival will run from September 22-24, 2006. Come to the opening night on Friday and check out the games like Space Invaders on down the side of a building, races across the city, scavenger hunts and more. Games will occur throughout the day in locations around the city. See the schedule of games for more details about events.


While games will run in locations around the city, the festival headquarters will be hosted by the Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, located at Eyebeam at 540 W. 21st Street, New York, NY. Stop by the headquarters during the festival for information and to see game updates.

All ages are welcome to attend.

All events and games are free. Some events require pre-registration.

What are you waiting for? COME OUT & PLAY!

Official Website: http://www.comeoutandplay.org

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If you're attending-- I cordially invite you to play my game, Cruel 2 B Kind, on Saturday afternoon on Broadway south of Central Park! www.cruelgame.com to register and learn more. It's all about the benevolent assassination, baby.