479 S,Ludlo street
columbus, Ohio 43215

Ohio Strobists unite! We'll be getting together at the House of Nightmares, a 70,000 square foot warehouse that doubles as a haunted house. Models will be available to shoot with from 10 am until 5 pm. Be there!

Added by zepper_7 on May 13, 2008



Yikes! I just signed up for this and then realized that I'm not even in town that weekend! I am not sure how to remove my name from it. How disappointing!!


ok, I "think" I've signed up for the Columbus Strobist meet up. I see "you" in the "Going" box above and to the right.

Does that mean I'm signed up or is there something else to do? I no longer have an active yahoo email address but I was able to sign in because I remembered my password (shocked!).

Can anyone clarify if I just show up at the location now and pay at that time? How does this work?

My email: [email protected]

Thanks for any information possible about signing up for this Columbus Strobist event.


I dont know if I am more interested in actually shooting or just coming to watch! Is that an option? I dont want to get in the way of the big dogs but I want to see this for sure!


poop!!!!! I am having ACL surgery 3 days before that!!!! Please keep me informed on things like this for sure!


If anyone is interested in coming, but not shooting, you're still more than welcome to come.... only catches are you still have to pay the $30, and you'll have to be noah and I's official gear jockeys for the day :D

Absolute Falcon1200

This location looks awesome!

my life in the big city

I'm coming in from Detroit so hopefully if anything changes, this thing gets updated! Sounds like a great event. I look forward to meeting everyone there!


me and dan1williams are out. a little to risque for us.


Just signed up. If anyone needs a ride from NE Ohio on Friday (especially the Cleveland area or anywhere along I-71), just let me know. I have one seat in my small, fast car.


I and a friend on are in for Saturday (tomorrow).

Sign us up for 2 spots! Looking forward to seeing everyone... Bill www.viewthesoul.com


Unable to attend, hope that makes room for someone else. Sorry and thanks, see you next time.


Just had to take my name off the list ... injured my back last night.

Soooo disappointed. Letting you know in case someone shows up and can fill my spot.

This is a great opportunity and I'm bummed to be missing it. Bummed.