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Collaborative Ingenuity is a free for all, open and supportive environment for all knowledge worker-types (creatives and geeks, students, freelancers and full-timers) to get his/her own project done and, perhaps most importantly, get feedbacks from other disciplines.


Collaborative Ingenuity is a free for all forum that lets everyone come to work on any project of his/her choosing that day—with an underwritten agreement that each participant must agree to help everyone to the best of their ability.

While this concept is comparable to co-working, the fact that we have everybody from graphic designer, web developer to account planner (we're looking for more diversity) means that everyone will benefit from having feedbacks from folks who are experts in other things. So the designer's print ad will benefit from the planner's research ability, the planner's website analysis would benefit from the developer's expertise, etc.

Collaborative Ingenuity believes that new ideas are always born, and sparks always fly when different fields of knowledge intersect and help each other.

Added by Bram Pitoyo on February 6, 2008



whoa what is this?!?!


Is this a weekly or monthly event?

Bram Pitoyo

Shoot. Sorry guys. This is supposed to be a weekly event. I was responsible to manage the web aspect of it, but obviously have failed to do so!


So you will be doing this the 29th as well? Same time, same place? Are there already current projects people are working on?

Bram Pitoyo


We do it weekly; but since the 29th coincides with Startupalooza, there's a possibility that we might take a break for a week.

The 'current project' depends of the people who show up. The whole idea of C.I. is to work on your own project while benefitting from everyone else's input. We usually have several Art Institute students and brashCreative members working on a student project or ad campaign. I am planning to tackle a website design or two, myself.

What do you have on your table?

Bram Pitoyo

Next week's Collaborative Ingenuity might not be held due to all the mighty awesomeness and geek attracting power of Startupalooza.


Hi Bram! Let me know when you hold the next one for sure, I'd like to swing by and say hello :)

Bram Pitoyo

Hey Gaia, we'll most likely host the next one on Saturday, April 5th. I'm heading to Startupalooza this week :)

Bram Pitoyo

We're moving the event next week!

Bram Pitoyo

Attendance rapidly dwindling. People seem to be busy right around that time.

I’m also thinking that maybe Saturday isn’t a good day to try to extract the last drop of creativity out of everyone’s tired brain.

If I move it to sometime during the week, what day and time would work best for you guys?


hey Bram,

It's hard to find the perfect time! I know many people with full time jobs couldn't make it during the week, but some people may not want to work on the weekend either.

Maybe try both and see what happens? I probably can't make it to this one, but it sounds like fun and i'd love to come to one in the future.

Bram Pitoyo


I thought about holding it on evening, kind of like last night’s PDXWI, and possibly making it a monthly event.

But thanks for your interest! I will let you know about the next C.I.

Bram Pitoyo

Tomorrow's session will be quite informal, as I think that only a small number of people would be able to make it (Mr. Duvander, are you going?) Hopefully, it will be both fun and inspiring.


Planning on swinging by at noon(ish) might not stay for entire day, but looking forward to lunch!