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From the Designer Breakfast Website:

"Is collaboration the future or is it a fuzzy idea that seldom works in practice? We’ve brought together four leading voices, each with a different take on collaboration, and are pitting them against each other while you join in.

Kevin Duncan: business development consultant, design agency non-executive director, and author of two books on running a small creative business

Maxine Horn: chief executive of British Design Innovation and the founder of Innovation Bank, an IP trading portal that brings together designers, academics, technologists and deal-makers

Charlie Hoult: pioneering CEO of Loewy Group, mother business to agencies ranging from top packaging designers Williams Murray Hamm, to product specialists Seymour Powell

Lesley Morris: the Design Council’s leader on skills and one prime movers in the organisation’s consultation exercise to determine whether UK design has the skills to meet competition from emerging economies

Facilitated by Mark Wing, design strategist and advocate"

Official Website: http://www.designerbreakfasts.co.uk/

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