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Cognitive studies have shown that, when faced with a complex and novel problem, humans use a fundamentally chaotic ("opportunity driven") process to organize information and solve the problem. This insight helps clarify the situation when a problem is "wicked." Wicked problems require a sense-making process that happens in conversations, mostly in face-to-face meetings, but meetings are repetitive, boring, and ineffectual.

This talk presents Dialogue Mapping, a new approach to meetings and collaboration in which collective intelligence is achieved through framing powerful questions and conducting a comprehensive and creative exploration of their possible answers. The methods have been proven in strategic planning, product development, aerospace project planning, environmental planning, policy formulation, and system design.


Dr. Jeff Conklin will introduce several key concepts and the basics of Dialogue Mapping. We will then select a wicked problem to discuss and dialogue map.


Free for SDForum Members, $15.00 for non-members.

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