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will you walk with me into this metaphor for a few minutes?

if life is a game and we are the characters then we (or me at least) are so involved in the playing of the game that we can’t always make informed decisions. we can’t see the whole picture.

so somewhere, outside of the game, there is a map where everything and everyone can be seen in real time. each of us has a game guide that can see this map and can give us urges or pictures or feelings or whispers that point us in the direction of the most fun we could have (according to our unique version of fun).

what if you’re unaware of the game guide or its messages are very weak? one way to become aware of it or to strengthen the connection to it is to externalise it: see it, feel it, hear it, touch it, smell it, taste it.

so, on this coming friday at the collaboration party my friend, nate, and i are inviting you to make something that represents the game guide. we’re inviting you to follow your urges, especially if they seem weird (when i started making mine it made no sense to me rationally whatsover).

the party is being held over two floors at the skiff. downstairs is dedicated to externalising the game guide. there will be cardboard, paper, stickers, paints, glue and lots of other materials. we urge you to bring anything you like with you that might help you to make your version of the game guide (and for others to make their versions).

upstairs is dedicated to integrating the game guide. there will be four conversation posts where you can talk about your work (on the game guide or in the wider sense). in my experience, talking about what i’ve made has given me insights and inspiration; i can see more clearly. it can also spark ideas in others and all sorts of possibilities arise.

the party starts at 4pm; nate and i will be on hand to greet you but if we’re both engaged in conversations a ‘welcome desk’ with a map will show you exactly where you can go and what you can do to get started. you’re free to start in either area: upstairs in the conversation area or downstairs in the making area and we invite you move freely between the areas at any time during the two hours we are dedicating to these activities.

after two hours of making and talking, we’ll move into an open space type of meeting format. topics for discussion will be invited based around the theme of your work.

the guidelines or principles of open space are:

• whoever comes is the right people
• whatever happens is the only thing that could have
• whenever it starts is the right time
• whenever it’s over, it’s over

and then there’s the law of two feet: if you feel bored or uninterested in the topic being discussed, move to a different topic that you do find interesting.

we will be bringing some snacks and beers and we invite you to do the same. we aim to finish at 9pm.

so, has this whetted your appetite? will you join us?

Added by julia.fry on July 14, 2009


mia no.1

Hi there,

Is it ok if I turn up about 6pm? Looks like a fun event.




hi mia, that should be fine. we'll be finishing up the first part of the evening and getting ready for the open space section.
julia x