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Collaborate for New Business a unique workshop facilitate by Ken Thompson. Join other key business leaders and strategic thinkers in the community to explore new strategies for collaborating to win business and new approaches for harnessing the full potential of the Virtual Enterprise Network.

Ken Thompson, author of two landmark books: Bioteams: High Performance Teams Based on Natures Best Designs and The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks, is an expert practitioner in the area of swarming, virtual enterprise networks, virtual professional communities and virtual teams.

Collaborate for new business is for two audiences: huge multinational corporations (Big Fish) and small innovative companies (small fish). But how do these two distinctly different entities --the Big Fish and the small fish-- come together to create business innovation and to swarm around new business opportunities?

The strategy, which stacks up pretty well in practice, concludes that if the SMEs are good enough, then these Big Fish will make them even better by stretching them through ongoing strategic innovation partnerships.

The workshop will provide strategic insight, specific guidelines and real-world case studies for small fish and Big Fish alike; and how The Virtual Enterprise Network creates a symbiosis, a living, mutually beneficial relationship among dissimilar organisms, where the participants, big and small, can thrive together in the 21st century world of extreme competition.

N.B. This workshop is free and all attendees will receive a copy of "The Networked Enterprise" by Ken Thompson. TO ATTEND YOU NEED TO REGISTER. Go to the workshop section www.connectinginnovation.co.uk

What they are saying about Ken Thompson's book:

Future winning enterprises will excel at inter-organizational collaboration as they evolve successful joint strategies and drive the development of whole industries. This book shows you how to become a master of such collaboration.
--Denis Murphy, Co-Chairman of the SDP Alliance of leading
telecoms software companies

This book represents an important milestone in helping executives understand the power of virtual enterprise networks as a means of achieving competitive advantage. It has great examples, powerful logic and a keen sense of what's achievable through collaboration.
--Bob Barbour, Director & Chief Executive, The Centre for Competitiveness

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