Santa Clara, California

Weather you have a startup and looking for technical, business development or operational partner….
Weather you have an NGO and looking for true believers…
Weather you are an experienced executive who is looking to join any above…
Weather you are investor and looking for your next big things and people who will introduce it to the market some time soon…
Or you just really bored and need some adrenaline and a really good company…

Please join us for this casual Saturday morning jog or walk hour and (!) bring a friend or a few!

We will take a 2 miles loop; those who are experienced runners can make a few loops while the rest just casually enjoy the morning walk & talk.

We will meet at Ulistac Park’s entrance at 8am, and will get on the trail no later than 8:05, so don’t be late.
http://www.scu.edu/ca... - you can park right there on the street.

After we are done with the morning fitness, we will crash on the grass and talk turkey. So, take something to fall on. :-)

For new group members I will briefly share the group’s mission, and then we will discuss your dreams, your needs and ways how we all can help.

I look forward to run with you, or crawl – whatever suits you lol

P.S. Bring some water for yourself, so we don't deal with your dehydration instead of focusing on you startup, actually.

Please RSVP for this event here: http://Collabopreneur.com/join

Chief Collabopreneur,
Olga Kostrova
IdeaMama Group

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