2 Young Road
Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053

$30.00 / ticket

Colin Hay has seen the mountain top, only to him it isn't the mountain top. The former frontman for Australian '80s pop sensation Men At Work doesn't need to be plastered on MTV or FM radio to satisfy his musical spirit - he just needs to nourish it. The Scottish-born Hay is a singer and a songwriter, and the only fulfillment he needs is carry those tasks out.

At times he's intentionally eschewed the glamour and glitz of the music industry to release music on his own and finance his own tours. His rich memorable voice is still alluring to fans across the globe, so even if the only time you hear it on the radio is during a "flashback weekend," that's good enough for him.- colinhay.com

Hay has been performing as a solo artist for more than 20 years and has released nine solo recordings. He's performed both with a band and by himself - he goes it alone regularly on the stage at L.A. club Largo - but as with his career, the crux of the matter lies in the fact that he's playing music. - The Press-Enterprise (Southern California)

Official Website: http://www.tupelohall.com/music_hall/Shows/050408.htm

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