1731 West Yan An Rd ( Kai Xuan Rd)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Founded in 2001, Cold Fairyland began as a project of coworkers Lin Di (Vocals/Pipa/Keyboard) and Su Yong (Bass). Next, drummer Li Jia joined the band, and with a few others who came and went, they had their first show at a bar called Nowhere Town. From there they played out regularly, doing a mix of cover songs and their own material.
In September of 2001 they played a cancer benefit at The ARK in Shanghai; thus began their long relationship with the club, playing most months at least once, as sort of a home base and live practice performance. They have played in many cities across the country, and occasionally return to the MIDI Music Festival, often referred to as the Woodstock of China” which now occurs in Beijing every May.
Cold Fairyland began a rotation of guitarists until 2003 settling on Song JianFeng, a MIDI device engineer who works with Su Yong. Next came the cellist known as Yao Yao (Zhou ShenAn), from the Shanghai Opera.
Cold Fairyland has released 3 self-produced CD’s: Flying Over the City, Kingdom of Benevolent Strangers and Live at ARK 2005. There are 2 CD’s produced by Wind Records in Taiwan. The Taiwan releases “Ten Days in Magic Land” and “Bride in Legend” are entirely (save for one song) composed/written by Lin Di.
“Bride in Legend” holds the highest production value of all their recordings to date. An epic tale of a young girl’s journey to understand her place in a strange and harsh land as she travels to an arranged marriage, it encompasses more of the traditional spectrum on record than the heavier live versions.

Official Website: http://www.yuyintang.org

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