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Humans have long fought, killed and annoyed one another over their religious differences, only to make up again when they realize how much they miss the other guys' cuisine. Can't we get along despite our differences?

Comedians come in many different creeds and comics never fight amongst themselves. It's true, and if you buy that I have an original shroud of Turin I'd like to sell ya.

Can an atheist, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist go on the road together, share a stage and be an example of how to get along? Probably not, but our failures should be good for some laughs.

Atheist; Keith Lowell Jensen and Hindu; Tapan Trivedi were talking backstage at a comedy show when they hit on this novel approach to interfaith dialogue. They put together the holiest of teams and Coexist? Comedy made its debut with four sold out shows over two nights at The Geery Theatre in Sacramento. It's been fast forward since and the sky (and heaven beyond?) is the limit.

Keith and John call Sacramento California home.
Tapan was born in India and lived in Texas, New York and Arizona before settling in Sacramento.
Buddhist, Sammy Obeid resides in Fremont.
Muslim, Tissa Hami is a recent transplant to San Francisco from Boston, MA. She was born in Iran.

One year since their premier performance in a basement theatre in Sacramento and the Coexist? Comedy Tour is now booked at the premier comedy clubs in the country; The Comedy Store Hollywood, The Throckmorton Theatre, The Punchline SF, The Comedy Underground in Seattle and more.

Between them the five comedians boast television appearances on ABC's The View, Showtime's Comics Without Borders, Spike TV's Manswers and ThePBS World News Service.

Official Website: http://www.coexistcomedy.com

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