1111, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, Qu├ębec H3C 6M8

We are setting up a code week-end (aka a Codefest) to work on adding
OpenID support to several open source projects, including Tiki.

Jonathan Daugherty, one of the developers of OpenID, will be with us

Evan Prodromou, who wrote the OpenID MediaWiki extension will be there
as well:

The other potential projects include Xoops, WifiDog and bewelcome.org

Greg Martin wrote:
"OpenID provides for external authentication, but not user provisioning.
Sites that implement it are generally allowing users to authenticate
when there is no need for a local user provision. A blog site for
comments, say, where you are trying to limit spam . Tiki sites, on the
other hand, often maintain more information about the user. We need to
decide what we'd be delegating to OpenID.
If we are simply trying to authenticate users the OpenID is easy to
implement. But, if we still want local user accounts, we may need to
allow the admin to create the user account and then specify (or allow
the user to specify) the openid to be used for authentication.."

I don't know if a week-end is enough to add OpenID to Tiki. But it will
certainly get us started. So may we can start with the easy stuff, and
take it from there :-)

This is a great time to come to Montreal!

See full french news here:

Official Website: http://www.phpquebec.com

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