601 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90401

The Code Show brings it's second lecture to the LA startup, tech, and entertainment scene with a crash course in PR from Nicole Jordan.

Even Kathy Sierra is twittering about PR:

"PR: The "doesn't matter how good you are if nobody knows about you" arg is weak. NEVER matters how good YOU are. Only how good USERS can be. 12:59 PM August 13, 2008 from web

PR/marketing should fail when it's about "getting word out". If they're about helping "users kick ass", we're good. Less pitch, more teach. 12:56 PM August 13, 2008 from web

Re: "PR is Dead?" meme--PR has same issue as UI design: it's NOT something you can slap on afterward. Must be baked into product. 12:53 PM August 13, 2008 from web"

If your company has a clear story, the product management is effortless. So let's go back to school and learn PR 101 with Nicole Jordan, then follow her to her Mixergy lecture on how to get everyone in the company working from a single message.

Our free program is available at the Santa Monica Public Library, in the Martin Luther King Jr auditorium.

Parking $3.00 (Cash only), enter in lot on 7th street
Doors open at 6:30, lecture at 7, followed by a Q&A and networking until 9pm
TechZulu to cover and broadcast
Brought to you by Project Locker.com and United Layer.

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Official Website: http://scrumclub.org/index.php?option=com_eventlist&Itemid=90&func=details&did=13

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i went to this library last weekend, and it's awesome! great venue.


Sounds awesome, I plan on being there.