1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

DJ: Sven Vath & Loco Dice. 6 Hour Marathon Set

The legendary
Cocoon Club, Frankfurt / Ibiza

An incredible exclusive performance by one of the true pioneers of modern electronic dance music Sven Vath established Eye Q label in 1991 and rightfully earned the title "Godfather of Techno" in '92 with the creation of Harthouse and the release of "Accident in Paradise" his first full length record. His early work had impact in shaping the development of the landscape of electronic dance music having influenced the creation of new genres trance and more recently minimal techno. His venue CocoonClub is a state-of-the-art performance area for that plays host to a wide variety of music styles and artistic performances. Sven Vath comes to Shanghai during the hectic Ibiza party season with Loco Dice to launch Cocoon China in proper form with a 6 hour marathon DJ set! Do not miss!

超级巨星SVEN VATH(Cocoon Club, Frankfurt / Ibiza)

身为德国电子音乐教父的Sven Vath, 82年开始从事DJ就立刻被德国最热门的Dorian Gray Club与Vogue招至麾下;86年更成为德国首位自行制作与发行单曲的DJ,并在当时被誉为"Sound Of Frankfurt";92年自创厂牌Harthouse与其旗下附属子厂牌Eye-Q、Recycle or Die;93年发行了收录[Ritual Of Love]、[L`Esperanza]等多首舞池国歌的个人首张专辑《An Accident In Paradise》,得到乐评一致推崇。2000年, 当所有人都以为Vath江郎才尽时,他却又为乐坛带来大惊喜,他的单曲[Dein Schweiss]在德国单曲榜上高居不下长达数月,而专辑《Contact》也一举杀入年度专辑榜前四十名。

在近几年Minimal Techno大行其道的风潮下,他那多变又充满煽动力的Techno风格从早期的猛轰狂暴慢慢内敛到近期折衷了Minimal Techno和Pop Techno的缓调走向,总是步在时代的最前端。

现在,Vath将Cocoon Club的狂热移师上海,带你进入一个最疯狂的Cocoon之夜!

Male 150RMB, Female 150RMB After 2am 100RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm- 6:30am
门票:男士150元,女士150元, 凌晨两点后100元(畅饮时间晚8:30-凌晨6:30)

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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