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Toronto Masque Theatre

The Masque: An Introduction
Toronto Masque Theatre Artistic Director Larry Beckwith hosts a collection of actors, singers, dancers, visual artists and instrumentalists in a spirited and enlightening hour on the roots and development of the masque tradition from the late Medieval era through to the end of the Renaissance.

From the earliest recorded accounts of performing arts events, the masque has figured prominently. Loosely described as a Renaissance Variety Show, we know that these events included music, dance and spoken word, intricately woven around a particular theme or reason for celebration. The other major ingredient was a very strong visual element, with elaborate costumes and sets. They began as entertainments for royalty and the upper echelons of society, but rapidly, through the traditions of anti-masques, included the general public in often very boisterous ways.

The first half of this presentation will include a whirlwind tour through the history of the masque. The attention will then turn to the audience, who will aid and participate in the creation of a new masque, in the Renaissance tradition, on the spot!!

Presented in collaboration with the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, on the occasion of the Renaissance Spring Festival 2007.

Official Website: http://www.coc.ca/performances/concerts_may07.html

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