425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

What's the plan?

We will all gather at Citizen Space for some appetizers and drinks at 6:30 pm...the shuttle between CS and the other spaces (ran by entertainer galore, Bio-Diesel Betty) will begin around 7:30 pm). The next space to visit will be Sandbox Suites, AF83, The Hat Factory and the Altrupreneur Center - where there will be more food, drinks, music and information on the spaces.

At any point, you can hop back on the bus to Citizen Space (to get to your car if you've parked it). Otherwise, we hope that people will have fun shuttling between the spaces all evening!

The Spaces

Citizen Space (near South Park)
425 - 2nd Street, #300

The Hat Factory (Dogpatch)
801 Minnesota St at 20th St. #08

Sandbox Suites (SOMA)
123 10th St.

The Altrupreneur Center
2431 Mission St

1436 Howard St

Check out the co-hopping map:


What's Coworking?

Coworking? What's that? Well, it's this concept that came from a bunch of independents not wanting to work out of their living rooms and coffee shops anymore...but they still wanted that relaxed atmosphere of the coffee shop...while still being able to meet with clients there.

So, Coworking was born a year and a half ago as a movement to create a community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents. And, boy, has that community grown! There are over 20 spaces in the US alone now, with five (5) of them being in San Francisco.

For more information, contact:

Tara horsepigcow at gmail of 415-694-1951

Official Website: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&lr=lang_en&hl=en&msa=0&msid=102320420789941747167.0004400be5f0fcc7fc38c&z=13&om=1

Added by msrogue on October 16, 2007



Any chance of fitting in www.BerkeleyCoworking.com?


Hey Christopher,

The cost was WAY prohibitive (like over $1000) to do Berkeley and the SF coworking spaces. We just can't afford it. :(



Bus rental charges by the mile. Add in Bay Bridge traffic and multiple trips to shuttle more than the bus capacity and similar concerns and we get a very different event with a different ratio of effort and hauling people around to hanging out and experiencing coworking spaces and interacting.

We are working on a green, groovy biodiesel bus.

I believe Berkeley Coworking would best be served by doing something similar, perhaps even a walking tour, with your Ashby Arts District neighbors.

BTW, have you been promoting the space at The Berkeley Bowl? It is a major community hub just around the corner from you.

Raines, your neighborhood coworking coach



I added Berkeley to the map with an explanation that we can't make it there, but peeps should go there anyway!



I need to be persuaded that coffee shops aren't the optimal environment.

Robert Evans

What's wrong with those people at Citizen Space? Are they suffering from white elete-ism? I mean just because an event charges entry fees does not mean that it is not providing a service to the public. I guess Citizen Space prefers to give use of its space to people who can afford macintosh computers, and likes to tell everybody else to get lost. Well, that will not play to well in SF for long.


Robert Evans: the Citizen Space people are very nice. At least they have always been very nice to me. But I'm just an old, former Marine combat veteran who uses a PC to write desktop applications in MS Windows, when not driving cars or shooting guns.

So, no, based on how "those people at Citizen Space" have treated me, I don't think they are elitist at all.

Poppa Daddy

You can't take someone like the faceless Robert Evans seriously. The comment doesn't reflect any content in the event description aside from the name "Citizen Space". He simply wants to start a war of words for some personal reason.


The folks at Citizen Space are some of the most progressive, fair, and considerate people I know of and they provide as much as they're able to based on the resources and the cash they generate from the space. And this is typical of everyone in the coworking community here in the SF Bay Area.

For coworking to be cheaper, or events free, there would need to be grants or sponsorships. And who knows, maybe someday in the future there could be publicly supported coworking centers and events! But rather than criticize others for not creating this yet, the question is to ask is, "how can I help?"


For more info on the groovy bus that will be appearing at several of the coworking spaces for this event:

also, Sandbox Suites and possibly other sites will have some live musical jamming going on at some point during the evening. Come and be surprised!

Raines, your neighborhood Cohousing Coach
writing from the mellow close-to-BART Sandbox Suites, and eager to explore some of the others


Funny stuff above. I guess Robert hasn't been to Citizen Space (which is free to drop-ins whether they use PCs or Macs) or any of the other spaces. And I'm not sure about the charging for events != elitism thing.

This event is free...as in beer...oh...and there WILL be free beer and wine and food and good company.



I am so bummed I have to be somewhere else tonight :(


I can't go but I'd love to hear a report on the rates and availability of all the spaces! Sounds like a good agenda.


Next time I'm in SF I need to check this stuff out. Coworking is increasingly appealing to me, but seems impractical where I live (Long Island NY). I'm still keeping an eye on it.