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Got a great idea for a start-up, but need a serious, committed co-founder? Maybe your looking for your first employee?

Tired of working for the Man and looking for a great idea that you can put all our energy and passion into?

Then Bootup Labs Entrepreneurial Society's "Co-Founder Speed Dating Night" is for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet lots of potential co-founders and/or key employees in a two hour speed dating session.

Be sure to stick around for Launch Party 7, which is immediately after.

Official Website: http://crowd7.launchpartyhq.com/pages/22730

Added by Ed Levinson on April 28, 2009



This event is taking place right before Launch Party 7 at the Uber Lounge.


Hi all -- we're going to be announcing some more info about this event this week. Please kick start things by signing up for the Crowdvine network we've set up at http://crowd7.launchpartyhq.com and fill out the speed dating specific information.

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