1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Emergence 2007 will explore how different design disciplines work together to create the tangible and intangible artifacts of a service. We will address how to design services, consider how businesses can benefit from the increased value of a well-designed service, and continue to define this emerging design field.

Official Website: http://www.design.cmu.edu/emergence/2007/

Added by wchoi on April 4, 2007


Keith Instone

Is the event at CMU or at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center? I know that CMU is putting it on, but I think the "venue" listed here is incorrect. I want to make sure I show up at the right place!


Yes, Emergence is at the convention center, not CMU campus.


sorry guys, when I posted it the venue wasn't set.
Now, I changed it to David Lawrence Convention Center.

Keith Instone

Thanks, no worries!