An der Schillingbr├╝cke
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin 10243

BEING BOLD! means to be brash, audacious, fierce, intrepid, risky, brazen and outrageous ? and, of course, to express this in music and art. Which are, as we know, as diverse as the people who make them. Humor, irony, the grotesque and absurdism are equally essential features.
CTM (club transmediale), the Berlin festival for experimental music, takes off in its 7th edition on a multifarious trip to today?s deepest Club-sounds, from Dada-Rave and Cartoon Music to Drone Metal, Cut-up Agitation und electronic Folk-Hybrids, through to the newest beats from the margins of Hip-Hop. Under the title, BEING BOLD! our focus this time, alongside the year?s best acts und newcomers, will be to present more strongly individualist positions than ever before. Whether tried and tested in the limelight or backroom wallflowers, their conviction, creative innovation, courage and wayward approaches add a decidedly emphatic edge to the program. BEING BOLD! presents artists and projects whose creativity lies in a personal, sometimes obsessive, eccentric or idiosyncratic and, always, remarkably enthusiastic attitude, characterized by a healthy distance to established scenes and would-be authoritative discourses. Well-balanced, harmonious and perfected sounds are not these artists? primary concern, but instead, strong statements, humor, spontaneity and daring, own research interests or, quite simply, their unbounded enthusiasm.
With both feet firmly in the here and now, the Festival dares to delve deeply into recent musical history whilst keeping a careful eye on parallel worlds, so as not to miss out on the sound of tomorrow. Between Dance-floor, Experimental und Serious Listening, the Festival presents outstanding projects with music, sonic and visual arts and discourse. The complete program for CTM.06 is still being compiled, expect the first program announcement by the end of November.

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