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It is almost consensual nowadays in the IT world that Cloud Computing is a paradigm that will change the way technologies, services and users are related. - Cloud Computing Conference 2009 will be a lively discussion and a demonstration place of how changes are already happening. - Cloud Computing Conference 2009 will provide companies a space (forum) to demonstrate how they are working and, at the same time, a place for users and other companies to ask questions and clear any doubts.

This year event’s name is Cloud Identity. We’ve chosen this subject as the conference’s main subject because the Identity of the Cloud is what, in the time being, everyone is looking for. If you search the web, or Cloud Computing specialized discussion groups, questions about cloud Identity are the most common ones.

We believe that more important than trying to find the exact answer, is to provide examples of what the Cloud already is. Providing “views” from the largest companies or even examples of how SMB companies are already benefiting from Cloud Computing, will clarify our doubts and will definitely increase Cloud Computing adoptions.

From another perspective, Identity, or Identity Management is fundamental to the success of the Cloud Computing paradigm. Without strong Identity Management (and authorization) platforms we will end up with a sky covered in dark (closed) Clouds. Because of this, we also have chosen Identity technologies and experts in this subject, to be in the center of our discussions.

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