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In the late 1920's the business technology debate was whether or not businesses really needed a telephone. With the advent of the personal computer, the debate raged about the true usefulness of computers in the workplace. In the 1990's, Internet usefulness became a popular deliberation - Did businesses really need a website? Now here we are - asking the same questions again, this time about The Cloud.

The true question isn't if cloud computing will be part of our future, but when and how? What emerging policy issues need to be addressed? How do you know that a decision to move into the cloud is the right decision? This session will discuss the advantages and pitfalls of moving a cloud environment as well discuss the driving forces behind the California Public Utilities Commission's recent launch of it's own internal cloud environment.

Carolyn Lawson
Chief Information Officer
California Public Utilities Commission
Carolyn Lawson represents both the California Public Utilities Commission and the State of California in the national discussion of IT issues and policies related to eService delivery in government. She is a leader in the national discussion of public policy issues related to web-based services, including the integration of Web 2.0 and cloud computing into the state's environment.

Ms. Lawson is currently examining the complex issues brought on by the cultural shift from a paper-based society to an e-based society, the new expectations of the general public, the changing face of our workforce and what that means to the delivery of governmental services. Ms. Lawson speaks and teaches nationally on these and other topics.

Ms. Lawson sits on several boards including the board of directors for Project Pipeline ( www.projectpipeline.org ), The Conference on California's Future (http://www.govtech.com/events/cal-future ), and Editorial Advisory Board, InformationWeek (http://www.informationweek.com )

Gourmet dinner and wine are included.

$20 online $30 at the door.

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/CIO-IT-Executives/calendar/10462792/

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