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Cloud computing is a computational paradigm that has been around since the grid computing days of 1960s. However, recently with the advent of powerful, affordable hardware, and available network resources, cloud computing has started to be viewed as a reliable and practical way for systems to process data and interact with one another. Many providers including industry heavyweights such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are starting to offer processing and storage services that allow third parties to utilize the benefits of their respective cloud computing infrastructure.

With new technologies come questions about the efficacy of the technology. As an entrepreneur should you be taking advantage of Cloud Computing, is it the right model for the services you’re providing? How cost effective are business models based on Cloud Computing? What are the business risks associated with taking a dependency on this technology and how can you mitigate them? How easily do users adopt to Cloud Computing based technologies?

TIE-Seattle is hosting an event on 5th March 2008 at Bellevue Marriott to explore these questions and more. Come and hear our panel of prominent entrepreneurs, investors and early adopters answer these questions and share strategies that have helped them streamline their business using Cloud Computing. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions as well and network with other guests and panelists before the event.

Official Website: http://www.tie-seattle.org/TGS/EM/viewevent/viewEventPT?id_event=2997&from_where=chapter_homepage

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