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Cloud computing is a disruptive technology that threatens the existing software distribution and consumption model. It enables software to be sold as a service (SaaS). As a result many new services have spawned that use this distributed computing approach to offer everying from hosted applications, remote processing, tools, plug-ins, widgets, APIs and databases. This pay-as-you-go model eliminates big cash outlays for software, making it faster to deploy services, easier to integrate functionality and increase the speed to market.

In this event, we will hear from a panel of experts on their experiences with SaaS approaches versus traditional software and we will examine the various issues surrounding SaaS such as:
- Is SaaS merely an interesting experiment or should it be a critical part of your web strategy
- Is SaaS best suited for web based products and small businesses or is it suitable for large scale enterprise applications and high traffic websites
- What are the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of SaaS / cloud computing?

SaaS and The Long Tail
SaaS makes it possible to lower the cost of your product and hence reach more consumers. SaaS changes the distribution economics by spreading the cost over many customers.
- Is Saas the right approach for scaling applications
- Can SaaS increase your addressable market
- QoS of SaaS - service outages, slow performance
- Is SaaS really easy or is it more complex than it looks
- What platforms and applications are best suited for the SaaS approach
- Should you rely on the IT expertise of a third party

SaaS vs Build vs Buy
- Does it make sense to put critical services of your product/company in the hands of a third party
- Should mission critical applications incorporate SaaS
- When does it make sense to bring the information in SaaS / cloud computing applications in house / to your own data center?
- What are some of the challenges in doing so?

Online Registration for Members: $30.00 and Non-Members: $60.00. Door: add $10.

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