350 Townsend St
San Francisco, California CA

The seminar will give an overview of a new computing platform based on R, called Biocep. Biocep's deployments on Amazon EC2 and on The British National Grid Service will be demonstrated.

Biocep is open platform for computing and data analysis. Using a rich workbench within the browser, the statistician can now work with an R server running at any location as if it was local to his or her machine. The platform hides the complexity of high performance.

Computing or cloud computing infrastructures and the computational resources are abstracted with a simple URL. The R server can be running near the large files to be analyzed or within the database where the terabytes of data to mine are stored. R packages and Java modules can extend the computational capabilities of the server and the workbench's plugins can improve the user-experience and the productivity of the statistician. Biocep provides the required tools to democratize Grid/Cloud Computing.

About the Bay Area useR Group (R Programming Language)

R is an open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. R has an estimated one million users worldwide, and its user base is growing. While most commonly used within academia, in fields such as computational biology and applied statistics, it is gaining currency in commercial areas such as quantitative finance and business intelligence.

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