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At a recent gathering of over 70 security professionals, the subject of cloud computing and the issues that it raises regarding the security of our networks was discussed. The forum interactively identified numerous issues that must be addressed within the enterprise to ensure that proprietary, personal and private information is protected when using cloud computing technology. The talk described different types of cloud computing solutions and how they allow information to leak from the enterprise. Other cloud computing issues covered were data ownership, legal liability, verification and validation, virtualization, and e-discovery implications. This talk will describe the results of that collaboration and will provide insight into how security professionals are addressing cloud computing in the enterprise. For example, if your organization is using cloud computing services is your present security model going to have to change?

Speaker: Mark S. Kadrich - CISSP - The Security Consortium, Inc

For the past 20 year Mark Kadrich has been a contributing member of the security community. His strengths are in systems level design, policy generation, end point security, and risk management. His book Endpoint Security (Addison Wesley) is available now. Mr. Kadrich is presently President and CEO of The Security Consortium, whose mission is to provide security testing, research, counsel, and leadership to their customers. Prior to TSC, Mr. Kadrich was Senior Manager of Network and Endpoint Security for Symantec. His role was to ensure that the Symantec business units correctly interpreted security policy during their pursuit of innovative technology solutions. Mr. Kadrich was senior scientist with Sygate Technologies prior to the Symantec acquisition. Mr. Kadrich joined Sygate through the acquisition of a start-up company where he was a founding member.

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