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Cloud computing increases capacity and expands computing capabilities without heavy investment in infrastructure, training or software licensing. Most importantly though it democratizes Web 2.0 application development. With the removal of two significant barriers to entry – cost and capacity access - suddenly even small, lesser-funded entrepreneurs can dream big and bring their grand Web 2.0 applications to market.

What are the ramifications of democratization? How are entrepreneurs exploiting cloud computing and leveraging Web 2.0? What challenges do these entrepreneurs face? Are they making money? What are the hot areas of development today and what will the next areas be? Will offerings from these new, small, nimble, creative thinking entrepreneurs change the Web 2.0 user experience? Will cloud computing live up to expectations?

On June 17th, Mosso co-founder Jonathan Bryce and a panel of industry experts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists will discuss these issues and more. Come hear what the Rainmakers of Cloud Computing predict.

- Paul McNamara, CEO, Coghead
- Ping Li, Partner, Accel Partners
- Michael Crandell, CEO & Founder, RightScale
- Lydia Leong, Research Director, Gartner
- Jonathan Bryce, Co-founder, Mosso, a Rackspace's company
- Ross Mayfield, Chairman, President and Co-founder, Socialtext

Tickets: $35 pre-order, $40 on-site, $15 student

Official Website: http://www.vlab.org/article.html?aid=188

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