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Short Description:

This HIPPA compliance webinar will provide an overview of the international regulatory and legal guidelines for transmission of protected data to and storage with cloud service providers. It will discuss legal and jurisdictional challenges, provisions for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and factors to consider while making legally compliant decisions when sending company and customer data to the cloud.

Long Description:

This healthcare compliance webinar will focus on uses of cloud services with an emphasis on transmission of data to and storage of data with cloud providers when those data cross national borders. It will analyze the international legal mosaic governing transmission of protected data such as human resources information between countries. It will also cover the practicalities such as criteria for choosing a cloud provider and provisions for a Service Level Agreement. This session will discuss the concerns about attorney-client privilege when attorney information is sent to the cloud services, including how to take steps to obtain a level of assurance that information sent to the cloud provider will remain confidential and secure.
Following areas will be discussed during the webinar

• An overview of Cloud Computing services and comparison of the economic and compliance benefits and downsides of uses of Cloud services
• The international regulatory and legal guidelines for transmission of data to and storage with Cloud service providers
• Attorney-client privilege issues across borders with regard to Cloud usage by attorneys
• Uses of data stored in Cloud servers outside the U.S. in litigation

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