540 W. 26th St.
New York City, New York 10001

Jennifer Steinkamp, Rapunzel
Bryan Crockett, Drawn Out of My Mind
May 20 - June 24, 2005

Jennifer Steinkamp is known for her projected installations using three-dimensional computer animation. The Los Angeles-based artist employs this new media to explore ideas about perception and space. Her works interact between the actual space and illusionistic space resulting in environments where the lines between viewer and object blur. Steinkamp's recent, hyper-animated representations of trees and flowers fill the gallery's walls, dissolving the architecture and creating an imaginary space.

Bryan Crockett's previous reflections on science and technology's authority in our society have shifted inward to investigations of himself. Drawn Out of My Mind is a sincere and humorous portrait of the artist estranged and lost within his mind. For this exhibition Crockett will divide the gallery into two spaces, presenting installations meant to illustrate a struggle between his two realms of thought. Here Crockett has taken inspiration from the myth of Daphne and Apollo and the tree as a representation of genealogy and knowledge. "Solipsist," a 10-foot tree growing on a rock with a carved portrait of the artist with his head ingrown into the tree is the central sculpture in the front room. Surrounded by watercolors and another smaller sculpture this room is meant to depict the Apollonian realm, one of order and pictorial idealization.

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