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Breaking and Entering: Art and the Video Game
December 10, 2005 ? January 28, 2006

A group show featuring works by Cory Arcangel, Brody Condon, Jon Haddock, JODI, Paper Rad, RSG and Eddo Stern
New York, December 1, 2005? PaceWildenstein is pleased to present Breaking and Entering: Art and the Video Game an exhibition of work by seven artists working at the forefront of the digital medium. The digital, increasingly the medium of our everyday lives, is redefining the way we interact with and perceive the world around us in much the same way as the railroad redefined our geographical and cultural landscape at the end of the nineteenth century. The works in this exhibition map a new visual terrain, a terrain grounded not in material reality but in numerical sequences of which the visual is just one of many possible expressions. The digital is a realm that has only just begun to be explored and the artists represented here are the first to have broken into this new space. Treating the video game as a primary visual expression of the digital, they make use of the skills they honed as players to disrupt, reorganize and rewrite the visual surface in novel ways. For each artist and group, breaking becomes a way of entering.

Comprised of large-scale installations and projections, the exhibition space will be transformed into an inhabitable gamespace. Here, observers become players and video games an entryway into the ever-expanding domain of the digital.


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