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Remember when you came out of the closet? Remember how dramatic it was back then, but now at second glance, wasn't it hysterical? Shawn Hollenbach hosts a group of comedians and performers who are going to relive their hilarious coming out experiences just for you. Maybe Dad didn't accept you, but we will.

Almost time for the holidays and another super out-of-the-clostety Closet Cases! Shawn Hollenbach brings you the best gay comics in NYC! This month we have radio and podcast superstars Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin from Ben and Dave's Six Pack. From the Logo's Laughing Matters, Gloria Bigelow comes running out of the closet for you and Chantal Carrere from here! TV's Hot Gay Comics follows. Plus we have the hilarious Gabe Liedman from MTV & CNN!

Added by shawnhollenbach on November 20, 2009