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Remember when you came out of the closet? Remember how dramatic it was back then, but now at second glance, wasn't it hysterical? Shawn Hollenbach (here! TV's Busted) hosts a group of comedians and performers who are going to relive their hilarious coming out expiriences just for you.

This Closet Cases is going to be through the roof! Legend and Emmy Award Winner Judy Gold (Comedy Central Presents, Logo) will headline the evening. We also have the lovely Leah Dubie (here! TV's Hot Gay Comics LIVE!) and the adorable ,b>Jeffery Self (VGL Gay Boys). Finally, Eddie Sarfaty (Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Logo) will show his film about his coming out to his grandmother called "Second Guessing Grandma" directed by Bob Giraldi starring Tony Award Nominee Kathleen Chalfont and Shawn Hollenbach.

The audience will also get involved by having Allen Warnock (MTV), Jenny Rubin (WE Cinematherapy) and Laura Mannino (Writer for here! TV's Busted) to act out their coming out story right on stage. Maybe Dad didn't accept you, but we totally will.

Official Website: http://www.mintyfreshcomedy.com/closetcases.html

Added by shawnhollenbach on September 11, 2008

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