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Short Description:

This Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) training will help attendees to develop laboratory incident management plan in order to ensure that their laboratory practices are FDA GLP compliant and patients, staff and visitors are protected from unexpected events and accidents.

Long Description:

Approximately 60% to 80% of the information a physician uses to diagnose and treat patients comes from Clinical and Anatomic Laboratories. This information needs to be timely and as accurate as possible and when potential incidents do arise, a well-defined incident management plan is needed. A well developed and maintained plan can prevent serious legal consequences as well.
This session will guide attendees through the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in the development and maintenance of your laboratory's incident management plan. It will discuss how the laboratory’s incident management plan can play a major role in investigating and reducing potential issues. Following topics will be discussed during the webinar:

• Definitions of Incident Management
• Review of the history of “medical errors” leading up to the Incident Management requirements
• Explain the two main kinds of incidents that need to be investigated
• Show where the Quality Management Plan can aid in identifying potential incidents
• What policies and procedures make up the Incident Management Plan
• How incidents are identified
• How to conduct and document a “True Cause Analysis” of the incident
• Developing processes to reduce or eliminate future re-occurrences of previous incidents
• How to work to foresee future potential incidents
• Maintaining appropriate documentation and reports for Hospital Administration

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