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Clean Energy Entrepreneurs' Forum
Policy and Its Implications for the Clean Energy Entrepreneur

SDForum, in partnership with FountainBlue, would like to introduce to you the annual Clean Energy Entrepreneurs' Forum on the topic of 'Policy and Its Implications for the Clean Energy Entrepreneur,' for Friday, January 25, 2008.

Entrepreneurs, tech executives, investors, policy-makers, and other stakeholders have been analyzing the burgeoning clean energy industry, both from the technology side and from the business opportunity side.

From the technology side, we are leveraging learnings and successes from many industries, from the semi-conductor and automobile industry to the nanotechnology and life science industries, to the chemistry and geology industries.

From the business side, we are seeing the potential global impact of clean energy solutions, identifying the need for partnerships locally and globally, and examining the implications of policy on clean energy entrepreneurs.

This annual event will bring together policy-makers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and investors, presenting differing perspectives on 'Policy and Its Implications for the Clean Energy Entrepreneur'.

"California's Investment in the Clean Revolution"

"Corporate Perspective: How Clean Is Impacting How Organizations Work,and How Entrepreneurs and Policy-Makers Can Work with Corporations"

"Lessons Learned from Around the World"

$80 non-members, $50 members, $0 Platinum Pass.

Official Website: http://www.sdforum.org/cleanenergy

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