Clarion Alley Between 17th and 18th
San Francisco, California 94110

8th Annual Clarion Alley Block Party, 2006

Support local artists..

Benefiting the unique + diverse mural artwork of San Francisco Mission Districts most colorful alleys.

New work by:
Mary Joy Scott, Sara Thustra, Paul Madonna, Chris Lux, Aaron Curry, Dan Dorody, Jaqueline Cooper, Tim Armstrong, Caitlin Collentine, Huey Reed, Emily Butterfly, Snowmonkey, Jetro Martinez & Kelly Ording, Nome Edonna, Brion Nuda Rosch, Evan Larsen, Cake, VITCHE (from Brazil), Erik S. Foster, Kyle Ranson, Marina Shterenberg (teen mural director), Kamau Amu Patton, Chue, Darien Huckleberry Prendergait

the bands:
here are the bands thus confirmed:
(in approx order of playing time)
-Songs for Moms
-The Feldmans
-The Switch
-Erick and Ivy
-New Thrill Parade
-Nurses (ex-Hello,Noisy?)
-the Rabbles
-the Floating Corpses
-the Reaction
-Kung Fu USA
-50 Million

For more info on Clarion Alley and it's (In)famous street-style art

Official Website:

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