1023 Hancock Avenue, Suite 115 #115
Los Angeles, California 90069

Get ready for these all-new, challenging, and fast-paced adventures!

Now in its fourth year, the acclaimed Race/LA introduces CityRace Urban Adventure Hunts. Teams of 2 to 4 players will have three hours to utilize all their skills to solve a challenging series of clues leading them on a hunt through one of L.A.'s many diverse neighborhoods. CityRace Urban Adventure Hunts will require brainpower: players will crack codes, solve challenging puzzles, research little-known facts, use navigation skills and more... all while racing against other teams to be first to the finish with the most correct answers!

Downtown LA: The Center of the City of Angels
Saturday, Sept. 22 @ 10:00 am
$30 per person

Official Website: http://www.racela.com/cityrace

Added by Race/LA on August 30, 2007