Dallas, Texas 75218

Photographs by Sarah Hauser

In this exhibition, Sarah Hauser, a photographer from Dallas, compares and contrasts the different visual experiences that people experience in the city and in the suburbs.

Two different locations were chosen: the artist?s house in Dallas at 5019 Worth St. and her friend?s house in Frisco at 5848 Palomino Drive. All of the photographs were shot within close vicinity of each person?s home and similar views were paired to create diptychs. The work conveys a familiarity with the neighborhoods being photographed, which shows visual details of the environment. Similar camera angles and shots were utilized to show the similarity, yet difference of each area. The images show a portion of the landscape that people have seen and either not noticed or that they have taken for granted.

The work also reveals connections between places that seem disconnected; the urban and suburban landscape is portrayed in a new way, capturing ordinary every-day life but showing its beauty.
These diptychs show a comparison of things that are seen every day. This will enable the viewer to make connections to their own life and see both the positive and negative aspects of living in the city as compared to living in the suburbs. Ultimately, this will inspire the viewer to consider their environment and where they have chosen to live in a new way, and provide insight into details in their aesthetic and sensory environment.

Visit Sarah Hauser?s personal website at http://www.illusionsofreality.com.

More info: http://www.bathhousecultural.com/hauser.html