5 Yongfu Road, near Fuxing Road / Wuyuan Road
Shanghai, Shanghai

"City Sound Sessions" will feature music from 3 select cities in one night.

New York, USA
Kingston, Jamaica
Paris, France

Each DJ or crew will be knowledgeable about the city they select, and provide a bit of musical education while they rock the party. They are under strict orders to select music that is produced in their chosen city.

Starting the night with more relaxed tunes, and climaxing with dance music, we will explore the sounds unique to the world's great music cities. We'll bring out the classics that each city is known for, as well as showcase the newest innovations in music from these cities.

The first City Sound Session will take place Thursday, April 17, 2008 @ The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu, Shanghai… starting at 9pm. Admission is 10 RMB.

We encourage you to dress as inspired by one of the night's 3 cities.

On April 17, the featured cities are...
New York, USA
Kingston, Jamaica
Paris, France

About the DJs…
NEW YORK, USA -- American DJ Melkman has always been a fan of New York's old school hip hop and early electro classics. New York's street life and block parties inspired the birth of hip hop, electro, break-dancing, graffiti culture -- that are now popular around the world. Melkman will take us on a sonic journey back to late 70s-80s New York, then to the early 90s "Golden Age" hip hop, with a few snippets of contemporary music from this dynamic city. DJ Ozone starts off with a look at the sounds of No Wave New York.

KINGSTON, JAMAICA -- UK's DJ Drunk Monk grew up in a household with roots in reggae -- his father is an avid collector of Jamaican music. This small Caribbean island has had an incredible influence on the world's popular music. Hear the classics and secret gems of Kingston's finest music -- reggae, roots, rockers, dub, ska, etc.

PARIS, FRANCE -- DJ Blaise Deville will select the best of Paris's contribution to popular music. From distinctive French pop classics to the dirty electro that's currently dominating dance floors around the world (but only the good stuff!). Expect familiar songs, and a few surprises.

Late Bonus addition! We'll have special guests Ladybox join us this night with a set of music entirely from their native city, Copenhagen, Denmark!

Official Website: http://AntidoteAsia.com/

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