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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was born and raised in San Francisco where he attended Lowell High School. He graduated from Stanford University and later won a Marshall Scholarship to attend Oxford University before studying law at Harvard. For the 1964-65 term of the Court, Justice Breyer served as a clerk to Justice Arthur Goldberg. He later worked as Special Assistant to Archibald Cox in the Watergate Prosecutions Force and as Chief Counsel to the Judiciary Committee at the invitation of Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy. In all of his posts, Breyer established a reputation for competence, fairness, humane concern, and keen legal intellect. In 1980, he was appointed Judge of the First Circuit and later became Chief Judge of that court while also serving as a founding member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission. He is often referred to as a consensus builder. In 1994, President Clinton nominated Breyer as the 108th Supreme Court Justice of the United States. Justice Breyer has written many academic books about deregulation, risk, and sentencing guidelines. Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution is his first book for a broader audience. Active Liberty promotes citizens' participation in the processes of government and offers Breyer's view of how the Constitution should be interpretated at this crucial time.

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