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Grammy winner Aimee Mann writes smart, sardonic songs that have a literary quality to them, like short stories set to music. Mann's ballads abound with vivid details and flawed characters.

On "The Forgotten Arm," her fifth solo album and second release on Mann's own label Superego Records, the singer imagines an ill-fated couple, who wind up in a casino town. Mann's delicate instrumentation carries the rich lyrics on all of her albums, including "Bachelor No. 2," "Lost in Space," and "One More Drifter in the Snow," a Christmas album. In 1999, director Paul Thomas Anderson adapted Mann's music for the screenplay of "Magnolia." The film's complicated plot line revolves around eight songs composed and performed by Mann, including the Oscar-nominated "Save Me," written in collaboration with Anderson's screenplay.

Official Website: http://www.cityarts.net/n.mann.html

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