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You be the judge. Yes, you who enjoys having wine with a meal, but doesn't know the technical stuff or the "proper" descriptors. This is a taste-off for us regular folks who buy the wine, and don't have it sent to them to get graded.

Read about our judging system here:
http://wine.coop /// click on ~Rating Process~

We'll also rank our favorite four.

We start this on-going series with serious wine... in a box. Fine wine now comes in this more practical container that can keep vino fresh for over a month. Remember, more than half of Aussie wine comes in a box.

We'll taste some stellar stuff, considering the price (after all this is a citizen event and its only a beverage). Syrah and Merlot by Delicato in their Bota Box, Chardonnay by Blackbox, Cabernet by Kendall Jackson (in a "Wine Block"), Pinot Grigio by the Trinchero family (they call their box a "Wine Cube"), Vendage in Tetra Paks, resembling milk cartons, Cab by Bandit (made by the Sebastiani family), which pulled down a double gold medal at the recent Chronicle competition (we'll see if we agree); Fish Eye Shiraz, and if we can find it, none other than "Killer Juice".

This is a blind tasting. All boxes will be covered as will the more conventional bottles down the road. No pressure, just fun. It's a sport we can all play.

More description on http://wine.coop ; click on the Events page.

Later in the month, we'll concentrate on some super wines from Mendocino.

We'll supply the stemware and the nibbles (it is dinner time)

All for 15 bucks, advance payment s'il vous plait. Sign up at the Meetup website below.

Official Website: http://wine.meetup.com/321

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