425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

Commencing November 24, Fridays from 5-7 pm will be Citicinema night at Citizen Space.

It's just another get together with friends movie evening, with a couple-a twists:

  1. You don't know what the movie is until you get there. We promise to make it interesting...or at least whatever is in our Netflix cue. ;)

  2. Movie-watchers are encouraged to discuss the movie afterwards. The hosts, Citizen Agency, will provide a bit of fodder before the movie by imparting some movie questions.

  3. There will be contests rolling out for the regulars...stay tuned.

The movie nights are meant to be social, educational and kinda neat. Some weeks the movies will be totally cerebral, sometimes kooky, sometimes classic and sometimes obscure. People are encouraged to BYOB. There will be popcorn and snacks provided.

We can also order pizza or other food if necessary, so bring $5 or $10 to pitch in for that.

There is a space limit of 40 (small office), so if you aren't able to make it, just switch your interest to 'watching'. :)

Official Website: http://www.citizenagency.com/blog/

Added by msrogue on November 2, 2006



Wow, great idea!


I agree! I expect you won't have too many attending this first one though...it's the day after Thanksgiving.


I figured those orphans who don't leave town will want to hang out. :)


Hey - if you want an alternative to Pizza... I'll have about 12lbs or so of great turkey, stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, etc - happy to bring it if someone can help me bring it from Noe Valley. (and if anyone wanted to eat it fresh from the oven, drop me a line - plenty of room)


Damn. Going vegetarian a couple weeks before thanksgiving was a very foolish thing to do.


(I'll bring a couple of baked acorn squashes for the vegetarians - and the mashed yams & potatoes and the cranberry sauces are both also vegetarian friendly).

Here's a photo of the turkey:



Should be in the area for Black Friday madness so a strong 'maybe' and look forward to seeing your nice new space!


Alas shopping since 6am has gotten to me. Damn those doorbuster sales at Macy's, because now all I want to do is nap. So have fun everyone. I'll see you all at the next one.