915 U St
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

From the Philadelphia City Paper:
Philly band Circles' second CD starts with a trombone's spittle-filled squeal and a plinking of rickety Ribot-like guitar. It ends with a bashing of snares and a carnival of feedback that threatens to eschew all melody. Between those two points, Weighs a Ton (Wooden Man) embraces robbing people in the name of the Lord, the art of swimming and "Dusty Rhodes" a song that's either about a legendary wrestler or a literary journal editor. It's hard to know. While the music unfurls in what singer/guitarist/songwriter Nick Millevoi calls the influence of "Hank Williams, Pharaoh Sanders and the pentatonic scale" (add Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombone for good measure), his lyrics come through in this big matter-of-fact voice. That curt clarity gives Circles' most flywheel tracks a picayune grounding, especially in a live setting where its two drummers, facing each other during every gig, let rip like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. It's exquisite, really.

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