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The Current eHealth Environment in Canada

eHealth (sometimes referred to as Health Informatics) has taken on a high profile in Canada as society struggles to contain the costs of healthcare without sacrificing the quality of care. eHealth is seen as helping overcome the shortage of human resources in healthcare, while reducing delays in providing care, reducing errors in treatment, and supporting quality care. One way to help achieve this might be to increase the number of physicians using electronic office systems and associated electronic health records, and by electronically linking multiple sources of patient records. However, this is a highly complex issue with no easy solutions. This talk will attempt to describe the current eHealth environment, along with recent successes, failures, and prospects for its future in Canada.

Current developments in eHealth at McMaster University will also be discussed, including a new M.Sc. program in eHealth, slated to begin admitting students in September 2008. This is a collaborative program involving Health Sciences, Engineering (Computer Science), and Business, and expects to admit 30 students each year. In addition, an eHealth Research Network is being planned, a collaborative effort that will involve up to 10 corporations in Canada, 8 Canadian universities, and numerous Canadian healthcare institutions.

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