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Feast your eyes, film fans! Because we're bringing you a cinematic smorgasbord of delicious digital movies for you. Yes, it's the next Cinema Slam, our regular program of short films, which returns on June 14th starting at 7pm. Last month proved extremely popular with some great feedback, particular for Andy and Amy Collen's animated film, Winter (en Hiver), and Beth Winsten's Emmy-winning documentary, Body and Soul.

This month, we're following that up with two more animations from Andy and Amy, Stroid '56 and Bob's Choice, plus a whole heap of other exciting independent micro movies. We have comedy, including Phone Physical by Nick Carlisle, and local talent represented with an experimental documentary by the outstanding Marcus Manoogian from the University of Michigan film program.

Here's some of the other excellent short films coming to Cinema Slam at the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, on June 14th:

Dark comedy (or maybe it's horror) from Spain.
Topping the bill is this 35mm narrative about an unwitting traveller who stops for a bite to eat at a restaurant in the mountains. The Chef is adamant that he stays until his plate is clean.

Surreal comedy from Tokyo.
Crime-busting is difficult when there's a line of people keeps forming at your back.

Animation from Great Britain
Everyday sketches of a dysfunctional world in which everyone has their foibles. A cataclysmic event could shake things up or are we just too set in our ways to change?

Documentary from Texas
Everyone dreams of running away...Mathew actually did. The haunting voices of family follow him as he revisits Cinncinnati, the place he called home for over three years.

Documentary from Michigan.
As a child growing up, Chris Pottinger learned to create his own world. Now in his early twenties, Pottinger has become a big hero in his small town.

Off the wall comedy from Massachusetts.
Kenny Walsh is in desperate need of a medical exam but can't make an appointment with Doctor Henderson soon enough. So he goes for the next best thing: a physical over the phone.

Plus other works by local and international filmmakers, TBC. Entry is only $5 and the show starts at 7pm.

If you're making short films in any genre, please get in touch. Cinema Slam is a no fee/no payment program purely for filmmakers and videographers to have their shorts seen on the big screen. The program, which runs roughly every six weeks from September to June, particularly aims to promote the work of local filmmakers, as well as showing some of the best short works from around the world.

Check out the website for more information about submitting work and about the program:

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